Shear Layer Flow

The physical parameters of the simulated shear-layer are

M_1 = 0.5, M_2=0.25, Re_{\delta} = 500.

The initial field is a solution of the Blasius equation. The inflow is forced using eigenfunction of the viscous linear stability theory.

Computational results with DGSEM code STRUKTI using 424x144x2 grid cells and an N=5 Gauss node approximation resulting in 26,376,192 degrees of freedom and approx. 60,000 time steps. The wall clock time was about 8 hours using 636 Nehalem cores at the computing center in Stuttgart (HLRS)

The figure shows an instantenous z-vorticity distribution

Movie of the z-vorticity distribution

The figure shows isosurfaces of the  \lambda_2 vortex detection criterium

Movie of the  \lambda_2 isosurfaces