Flat plate boundary layer
DNS of  a spatially-developing supersonic turbulent boundary layer. Visualization of the turbulent structures along the flat plate using the λ2-criterion and colored by the streamwise velocity. DGSEM computation with ~1.5 billion degrees of freedom using up to 93,840 processors.

Side-view mirror

Vortical structures visualized with the Q criterion in the wake of a side-view mirror. DGSEM computation with N=7.

Computed with Finite-Volume subcell shock capturing. A DG element is subdivided in N+1 FV subcells in each space dimension, where N=5 is the polynomial degree. Mesh: 67×67 elements, HLLE Riemann solver, Persson indicator to detect troubled cells. Left part shows density, right part shows the detected cells.

Relativistic Jet with initial beam speed v=0.999c.
RKFD calculation with WENO5 reconstruction. The logarithm of the rest density is depicted.

Shock capturing with Finite Volume Subcells: Movie of Forward Facing Step example. DG-SEM computation with N=6 on a equidistant grid with h=1/50 (6300 elements in total). Top: in red the region of the Finite Volume Subcells. Bottom: Density,

Movie of the instantaneous velocity magnitude contours of the flow around a SD7003 airfoil   and a  movie of the Q criterion. DG-SEM simulation with 3.25million DOF and N=3, with a runtime of 0.8h on 2822 cores for one convection time.

Movie of a Frisbee at 10m/s and 300 rpm and 10° AoA  and a  movie of the Q criterion. DG-SEM simulation with 54,000 N=2 elements, with a runtime of 4h on 2048 cores for one rotation.

Movie of Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of the flow over a circular cylinder at Re=3900. De-aliased DG-SEM simulation with polynomial degree N=7, visualization with blender

Movie of the flow over sphere at Ma=0.3 and Re=1000. DG-SEM simulation with polynomial degree N=4 and 21,000 elements, run on CRAY XE6 for 30,000 CPU-h.

Movie of a Gyrotron resonator without a PML (left) and with a PML (right). DG-SEM simulation with polynomial degree N=3.