Claus-Dieter Munz


Room 1.031
Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics
Pfaffenwaldring 21
70569 Stuttgart

Research topics

  • High order numerical schemes for computational fluid dynamics
  • Numerical schemes for multi-scale and multi-physics application
  • Applications in aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, gas dynamics, plasma physics, and multi-phase flow
  • Numerical methods for partial differential equations
  • Scientific computing

Current research

Piecewise continuous approximations allow a high flexibility in the discretization: Adaptive unstructured grids with refinement and coarsening may be combined with a local enrichment of the set of basis functions to get locally a better resolution. Furthermore the coupling of different physical phenomena needs a high flexibility in the numerical tools.
The main objective of the research is the construction of numerical methods, which have as many as possible of the following properties:

  • hp-adaptivity on unstructured grids,
  • curved grid cells at obstacles,
  • non-conforming approximation spaces,
  • local time-stepping for transient solutions,
  • arbitrary order in space and time,
  • fully conservative,
  • fast on high performance computers.

Finite volume schemes, discontinuous Galerkin schemes and their combination of reconstructed discontinuous Galerkin schemes is the topic of research.

Beside the constructions of the numerical methods and their efficient implementation on high performance computers also the applications to selected real industrial problems is considered. The main fields of applications are from computational fluid mechanics and include problems within the fields of aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, multi-phase flow, and plasma flows.



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submitted to Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 0000, ISSN: 0941-2948.


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