Andreas Birkefeld

Room 0.032
Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics
Pfaffenwaldring 21
70569 Stuttgart

Research topics

  • CAA – Computational aeroacoustics with high-order DG methods
  • Coupling fluid dynamics – acoustics simulation
  • Coupling DG-acoustic solver – FD-acoustics solver

Research description

Aeroacoustic effects play a role in many engineering fields: The flow around a wing or a car, as well as on obstacles in air conditioning systems.

The computational aero acoustics deal with the simulation of these phenomena. Very common in this discipline are finite difference scheme, though generating their structured meshes is very costly for complex-shaped areas.
Discontinuous Galerkin methods are characterized by high accuracy, low numerical dissipation and dispersion and low demands on grid quality. Therefore, they are ideally suited for the acoustic simulation.

For low Mach number flows and without the feedback of acoustic effects on the flow a hybrid approach with separate flow and acoustic simulation is particularly suitable. The excitation of acoustics is realized with source terms in this approach, which were calculated from the results of the previous flow computation.
The current research in the working group is dealing with the coupling of these simulations. In particular, the correct representation of the flow condition and the source terms in the high-order DG method is still not satisfactorily possible.

Another research topic is the coupling of solvers with different methods (DG – FD) on different grid types (unstructured – structured). The simulation of the acoustic propagation to the far-field is carried out very efficiently with a finite difference solver, the complex-shaped near-field simulation with the DG solver.