Here you can find the OpenSource codes created by the NRG collaborators. More to come soon!


HOPR (High Order Preprocessor) is an open-source software for the generation of three-dimensional unstructured high-order meshes. The meshes producted by HOPR are needed for high-order methods like Discontinuous Galerkin schemes, Spectral Element Methods or pFEM, if boundary conditions have to be applied at curved domain boundaries, like for example a flow past a cylinder or a sphere.

Besides simple in-build mesh generators, HOPR is able to read standard linear meshes (preferable in CGNS format) and curve elements adjacent to curved surfaces. Several surface curving methods are available in HOPR, using for example normal vectors from surface reconstruction or from analytical expressions, or the interpolation of a subdivided surface mesh. HOPR also supports to directly apply a volume curving, using block-structured meshes which are agglomerated to fully curved hexahedral meshes.